20 Years of Gnome

The GNOME Project is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. Founded by Miguel de Icaza and Federico Mena Quintero on August 15, 1997, GNOME has since become a basis on the Free Software community.

The latest stable release, GNOME 3.24 “Portland,” was well-received, it  included new features like application and Night Light, which helps users avoid eyestrain. The upcoming version of GNOME 3.26 “Manchester,” is scheduled for release in September of this year. With over 6,000 contributors, and 8 million lines of code, the GNOME Project continues to thrive in its twentieth year. Learn more on GNOME Technolgies here.

Introducing GNOME 3.24 Portland

If you wanna know or remember details of previous GNOME versions there is a time line of gnome milestones in the birthday website.

If you’d like support GNOME , you may donate or “adopt a hacker” in the following page: Become a friend of Gnome

Fun facts about Gnome
Why do they call it GNOME?
GNOME is an acronym for GNU Network Object Model Environment.
In which movies and TV shows has GNOME made a cameo appearance?
Antitrust (2001)
Heroes (2006)
Citizenfour (2014)
Mr. Robot (2015)
Sorry by Justin Bieber (2015)
Silicon Valley (2017)
What’s the right way to pronounce GNOME?
Some people say Guh-NOME, some keep the “G” silent and others pronounce it “Heh-NOME”. However you pronounce it, so long as you’re talking about freedom for your desktop, you’re doing it right!