Android Samba Client

Google has developed its own Samba client so that users can access their remote files from Android devices. As you probably know, Samba is a free implementation of the Microsoft Windows File Sharing Protocol (SMB / CIFS) that OSs like  GNU/ Linux and Mac OS X use to display your files in Windows. With Android Samba Client you will be able to see those shared files from Android too. Android Samba Client is a port of the Samba client, the source code is at

The application is very basic. We just have to enter the path of our SMB server along with the password in case you need to start to see on our mobile or tablet the files of our PC or external hard drive connected to the network with SMB. You can also modify or delete those files remotely.

Android Samba Client is not the first application that allows you to connect to Servers and read its shared folders: it is one of the functions of file managers, and there are also specific applications like AndSMB. The difference is that it is extremely simple  and that it is free and without advertising.


The good thing about Android Samba Client is that shared folder will appear in the Downloads / Files application in your Android device next to the other local folders . Google has now added support for SMBv2 and v3 to the Samba client (previously only supported just v1, more insecure).

It could be used in any phone with android 4.4 or greater. You can download it for free form the Play store. This application is open-sourced under the GNU General Public License. The full source can be found at