Cloud9 – WordPress Development in the Cloud

If you are a wordpress developer or you’re learning development Cloud9 is an awesome tool!. But it’s not only wordpress: HTM5, Nodejs, LAMP, Python, Django,Ruby and C++. Cloud9 combines a powerful online code editor with a full Ubuntu workspace in the cloud. You can setup your development enviroment (IDE) easily in the cloud and you may change live your code and see it working! Simply pick your configuration and develop your app. No need to spend  development time on system setup and maintenance. You can create, build and run any development stack in seconds.

Workspaces are powered by Docker Ubuntu containers that give you full freedom over your environment, including sudo rights. You can access the virtual server from an integrated command line. You may code with partners in real time and see code changes.

  • Built in terminal
  • Language tools (like code completion and varible definitions)
  • Debugger
  • Split view
  • Themes
  • Key binding editor
  • VIM/Emacs/Sublime modes
  • Built in image editor

Of course , you’ll need to register and create an account. A credit card is required but there is a Free plan, it allows you create one private project and many public projects. There is also an education plan for $1 per month for free unlimited students.

Once you are logged in you’ll see a dashboard with your current projects and you may start new projects too.

Start a new project is pretty easy. Just enter the project name and select the project type:

After a few seconds your Cloud IDE will be ready to Code:

This is the welcome screen for a new PHP application.

If you double click hello-world.php you’ll be able to edit that file:

You can see your app in a preview and live . This is the splitted window with a preview :

Using the Share button , you are able to see what is the the editor url, the application url (live), and the files url (preview in browser)


It’s a great tool for developers . Let us know your opinion .