Developers’ desktop 15 years ago

How did the desktop of the main Linux and Unix developers look like in 2002 ? There is a website with a compilation with the desktop captures of personalities such as Dennis Ritchie (Unix’s father), Jon “maddog” Hall, Jordan Hubbard, etc. It will bring you nostalgie if you used Gnu/Linux a long time ago.

If you look the gallery you will notice that more than beautiful desktops they are functional and “free” desktops as far as possible.

Blog’s author says:

In 2002, for, I asked a number of developers/Unix people for screenshots of their desktops. Sort of like a crude thing.

Dennis Ritchie (creator of C, co-creator of Unix):

Bram Moolenaar (author of Vim)

Rasmus Lerdorf (creator of PHP):

Jon “maddog” Hall (Linux International, Open Source Initiative):


See the whole list of people/screenshots here.


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