Free VPN Services

There are many VPN services available for free used mostly to maintain anonymity, but remember : it will depend to the trust you place in the service provider as many of them record your steps .

Another typical use of these VPNs is to maintain the privacy of communications, the data that will be encrypted through the tunnel avoiding all probability of an attack . Of course traffic from the provider’s server to the site to visit will travel unencrypted  so the security in this case would not be complete.

Perhaps the main advantage of VPNs is to avoid censorship , so it’s useful to see restrictive web services such as Hulu or Netflix, something that is not always very effective because above all the IPs of the most famous VPN servers are added in blacklists and blocked. Another use of evasion is for firewalls that will not be able to determine the encrypted traffic protocol that goes through the tunnel.


It has servers in 13 countries and a free service accessible by invitation. It is cross-platform: Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, etc.

AnchorFree Hotspot VPN

VPN to anonymize traffic in the United States offered by Anchor Free. Valid for Windows and Mac. Some sites like Hulu detect Anchor Free’s servers and block them.


It is a free VPN service from Germany, which will help you route your connection through a German IP address. The free service is limited to 1 GB of traffic per month, more than enough to surf, chat and email.

Hotspot Shield

This is possibly the world’s most popular free VPN client. It became popular when Hulu was launched. Now, they have VPN services in the United States and the United Kingdom that can be used to protect themselves from WiFi snooping, identity theft and censorship. The best thing about Hotspot Shield is that it provides unlimited bandwidth and works on both PC and Mac.

It’s hidden

It uses 128-bit encryption to secure the tunnel to your servers. Based in the Netherlands, it takes advantage of the legal climate there and does not keep any logs or activity records.


JAP (also called JonDo) is written in java and is therefore multiplatform. It uses a sequence of intermediary servers to ensure privacy and anonymity.


Service offering 500 mb free of charge plus an additional 100 mb by recommendation (up to 1gb). You can manually select the country of the servers, currently Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain or USA.


It is a SSL/TLS VPN that provides high security and privacy. The biggest difference between PPTP VPN and OpenVPN is that you need to install the OpenVPN client software to use the service. It does not work with mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android. But OpenVPN runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.


It’s a Japanese VPN service. Actually, it’s a premium service, but they do have a free online trial service. The service is fast and reliable and easy to use. Just download the VPN connection manager, install and connect. Works on Windows and Linux.


Free has no data volume limit, but its limitation comes from the speed side: its maximum peak is 300 kilobits per second for free accounts. It has OpenVPN and PPTP services and versions for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.


Free. is a tunnel service that guarantees the security and privacy of your data once it leaves your computer. All traffic is re-routed through an impenetrable tunnel to a safety gateway. All communication in the tunnel is encrypted.


It is one of the last to enter the VPN market. TorVPN is good for passing through strict content filters, surfing the web anonymously, ensuring VoIP communication or remote access to work from your home/office. With TorVPN you can get an OpenVPN server, SSH access, PPTP and Proxy TOR. Free VPN access is limited to 1 GB per month and works on Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad.


It is probably one of the easiest VPN services to use. TunnelBear will give you access to geo-restricted sites. If you register a free account you will have 500 mb per month, although you can raise that figure to 1 gb by simply associating your Twitter account.


For the free version it is not necessary to register, just download the USAIP. pbk file, double-click on the file and select one of the PPTP connections. You will then be able to access the free services with the demo username and demo password. But it is necessary to reconnect the IP network USA every 7 minutes.


PPTP tunnel that supports Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple, mobile phones, which also offers the possibility of using OpenVPN if your ISP or government blocks the protocol.


It makes the inaccessible accessible and hides your network address. The free service allows you to use it for 6 hours a day (for 15 hours a week). You can download the software or use it in OpenVPN mode. It supports Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.