Green Recorder – An Easy Screen Recorder

We have more alternatives in regards to screen recording, that’s good. We have several options and they are very easy to use. Today we are talking about Green Recorder, a free software that is already in its version 3.0.

The reality is that it is a very complete software, offering the user a complete functions set, without loose its simplicity. An application should stand out by offering what the user needs with  a simple interface though Green recorder is not too advanced as Camtasia Studio for windows.



At present, version 3.0 is available, which incorporated new functions. Although the first version was quite limited in functionality, progresively and in the hand of new versions, developers have managed to add new features that users claimed.

The software allows you to record the screen and export the result in the form of different file types. The developers have added in this new version the possibility of creating GIFs using the realized captures. Although it may seem the main function, now the Green Recorder application also allows you to select the audio that you want to record, being able to choose between external media and the system audio.

Although we have already mentioned the simplicity of the program, the user will have the possibility to reorganize almost all the elements of the web interface, allowing the user customize it.

Software Installation and Compatibility

Developers guarantee the correct functioning of the software in Ubuntu and all derived distros. However, it is also likely to install it in other distros, although its operation is not guaranteed.

The installation process is simple. First, we need to add the repository where the application is located:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: fossproject/ppa

You can also download directly from the source code .

Then execute the following instruction:

sudo apt install green-recorder

After the process is finished, an icon will be added in the applications menu .

In my view, this is perhaps the easiest to use and it includes an enough number of functions for the user to make the recording of his screen quickly and easily. Of course, there are other options that are more “powerful” in terms of functions, but may not have the simplicity of this one.
What is your favorite screen recording software?