Gunspell – Linux Game Review

Gunspell is a turn-based RPG game. It has some features that makes it an addictive RPG. You are a policeman searching your missing sister. But your sister was a member of an order fighting against the underworld. Now you must fight monster with magical guns and spells. It’s an original approach to a RPG game .

You must fight monsters in one-by-one combats , your fight system is similar to the jewels games where you need to line-up several jewels of the same color. Some jewels gives you manna, silver, health and the skull jewels damage your enemy. It runs fine on Linux, though I found some bugs with the sound and minor graphical bugs. I tested the spanish translation and it should be improved , its quality is not good.

You’ll be a part of a storyline to rescue your sister, so there are missions to accomplish and go trough the store. When you level up you will improve your armor level and you may upgrade your spells level. The strategy is based on what armor and spells you user to combat monsters.


Its an addictive RPG game and it’s an original gaming system , very fun! but the game has some issues (sound and graphic issues) and its Spanish translation should be fixed but is a fun game and works smoothly on Linux!