Linux Mint 18.3 Improvements

Clem Lefebvre the Linux Mint project leader has talked about Linux Mint 18.3, the next stable version of the distribution. This version will be based on Ubuntu 16.04.3, the LTS version of Ubuntu and will be presented over the month of November. This new version will bring enough improvements in its operation, adding changes in important programs like the session manager or the distribution software manager.

In addition, this version will introduce HybridSleep, a technology that will allow distribution to save energy and therefore make equipment that has an energy efficient consumption.

Linux Mint 18.3 will improve the session manager, improvements that will make that we do not see the rest of the user of the equipment, thus increasing the level of security. This new session manager will also give you the opportunity to register from the same screen, something interesting for new users and for administrators. This point is focused mainly on users of networks with Linux Mint.

The software manager will also have a major change. The application that helps us to install new programs will change completely, internally it will be ported from Webkit to Gtk3 +, which will make the program better integrate with the operating system and external level will be totally changed to suit the most novice users And to the HiDPI screens. The operating engine will be the same, ie the APT manager of the terminal will be the one used by this software manager.

In addition to all this, the Linux Mint team is working to correct bugs and problems that have appeared in the latest versions of Linux Mint, something that makes each version of this distribution more stable , although we have to say that for some time this distribution will be based on Ubuntu LTS so stability levels are quite high.