11 Linux Podcasts feeds – hear them while you are working

Setting up podcast software

Do you like podcasts? Well , we use to read our favorite linux’s blogs but podcasts can be heard when you are driving or we can play them in the background while we are working in another task.

We have several options in Linux Mint software manager: Liferea, Gpodder, Newsbeuter (console), a plug in for XMMS, Podracer (downloader) and PenguinTV.

It is my fist time with podcasts. The first application I tried was Penguin TV. I installed and ran it… but it doesn’t work out-of-the-box. It doesn’t allow you to add new feeds. I couldn’t fixed it easily. There is a new version in their website (v4.5 vs 4.2 in the Software Manager) but neither the latest version works  out-of-the-box. It has a dependency problem with “python-central”. So I skipped this app.

The next choice was Liferea. After install it , we have 15 feeds ready. Come on , let’s go to add our new feeds!


Adding New Podcasts and Feeds

Just click on “New Susbscription” and add the feed’s url. Your new feed will be added in the left panel.

Playing Linux Action Show in a new tab . I kept it playing in the background.


Podcast’s list

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