Lubuntu 17.10 beta1 – a new version with two desktops

Lubuntu, the Ubuntu derivative with a LXDE desktop that works with less resource computers, has just released the Beta 1 with two different deskstop environments. Lubuntu with the traditional LXDE , and the new Lubuntu Next, which includes the new LXQt desktop.

Lubuntu “standard”

The default aspect is the panel and the menus with white background and when activated they change to blue color. A spartan graphic aspect and incorporates programs with low memory and processor requirements.
In the Office tab, we have pre-installed AbiWord and Gnumeric, and we did not find LibreOffice.

Lubuntu Next 17.10

The new appearance of the LXQt desktop was incorporated in this Lubuntu Next 17.10 Beta 1 . The default theme is dark and though the panel is also at the bottom, the menus are located at the top of the desktop. Of course in preferences we can modify the settings and also the themes of the windows. As it is based on qt libraries, programs have been included with these libraries. We can find kde programs, such as K3b, good program for CD / DVD burning. Firefox has been replaced by QupZilla, however the complete LibreOffice package has been added. When we open the package manager Synaptic, we verified that there are a lot of  qt libraries installed, as well as some of kde.

This is the Beta 1 of this new Lubuntu Next, and they are still missing to update several language packs. It is a first approach to the Lxqt desktop by Lubuntu and I have noticed that the speed is lower than Lubuntu “standard”.

LXQt desktop is a clear improvement over LXDE. Let’s hope that Lubuntu Next will keep the same philosophy working on older computers , so that Lubuntu continues to give life to old equipment and do not have to be turned into computer crap.


If you want to try any of them, download Lubuntu 17.10 beta1 from here

And Lubuntu Next 17.10 Beta1 from here.