Papyrus – A note-taking app with Security Features

There are several note-taking tools for Linux, so you are probably using some in your daily tasks, but there is a very secure note manager called Papyrus that is worth trying .Let me describe its functionalities.

It is important to note that Papyrus has been developed – according to its programmers  – in order to offer a tool for note taking that is easy to use but with high levels of security.

Papyrus is an open-source notes manager, developed by the Aseman, based on kaqaz and upgrading it in security , improving its user interface and support for C ++, Qt5 and Qml technologies.

Among the many features that Papyrus offers we can highlight the following:


  • Free, open source and cross-platform (Linux, Windows, OSX and Android).
  • Simple, intuitive and very nice interface.
  • Allows you to take notes that are identified by tags and are categorized.
  • It has a powerful search system.
  • It has a Touch Mode.
  • Full screen options.
  • It offers the possibility of backing up in Dropbox (with encrypted synchronization) and various storage devices.
  • You can share documents with other applications.

You may download the .deb file and install it

dkpg -i papyrus_1.0.0-1-amd64.deb


Project page :