8 Websites to Download Oldie MSDOS Games for Free

If you like to play “oldie games” , you may be interested to know that there are some sites that have taken the task of not only housing the oldies PC main titles  but to offer them completely free.This is possible mainly because the developers launched their creations under the freeware model or simply stopped supporting a title. Whatever the reason, a game that initially started under the business model, may have ended up becoming free.

Fist we need to install dosbox and create a new folder for our dos games files.

sudo apt-get install dosbox
cd ~
mkdir dosfiles

Run dosbox ( if you want more info on dosbox type intro when it is loaded) and mount the c drive to the previously created folder.

You may type the following command inside dosbox and Don’t type ls in the dosbox command prompt, it is dir 🙂 !! lol. Also, you need your files uncompressed before mount the folder.

mount c ~/dosfiles

Here is a list of special keys on dosbox:

So, here is a list of sites where you can download these old games for PC completely free.


Abandonia is responsible for hosting ‘abandonware’, which is software that no longer receives technical support from developers or whose copyright has expired. Abandonia is responsible for hosting specifically classic DOS games. Games can be found thanks to the search engine, or through different genres. In forums for example, you will find guides and tips to run these old games on computers with modern operating system.


RGB Classic games

RGB Classic Games hosts a classic DOS games, perhaps never seen titles, and even slightly more “modern” DOS games. However you will also find video games for other platforms like Win16, and Win9x.
One interesting fact about RGB Classic Games is that it offers the possibility to play several titles with your browser emulator. Unfortunately this Java based online emulator only supports Internet Explorer and Safari. In any case, games can always be downloaded to the computer.

This site seems to be updated frequently. I downloaded DOOM, and it worked fine on dosbox.


Abandonware DOS

With a cleaner design and a list of games by genre, Abandonware DOS is another alternative to find oldie video games. In this site, we will find only old titles and for several platforms, not only DOS as it says in its name.

Something that I liked about this site is that they present all the possible information relateed to every game, including an average of the votes of the community. Each game is also accompanied by screen-shots, and some videos. Some games are reviewed and linked to GOG games, so you must buy them if you want them. The site seems to be updated frequently.



The Internet Archive : MS-DOS Games

The Internet Archive offers an emulator compatible with every browser. You’ll find a collection of classic DOS games. The collection is not the greatest but it will bring you much nostalgia for old times, and the best thing is that with a few clicks and without having to configure anything on your computer.More than 4000 titles accessible at the time of writing, can be located either by name, date of publication, developer or genre.



My Abandonware

This website has a clean design and has options to download games or buy them on GOG or STEAM when they are available. It’s an awesome site! I downloaded DOOM2 and it worked fine on dosbox.

You may search by name, year, platform, genre, theme, publisher and developer. It’s title says ” download abandonware from 1978-2013″ and “more than 11000 old games to download for free” .




GamesNostalgia is website entirely dedicated to retrogaming, abandonware and the old good classic games of the past. Browse them by genre, year, platform or developer and download them for free.

If you are looking for Doom, Civilization, Dune II, LucasArts adventures, Lemmings, the Ultima series, Warcraft I and II, The Settlers, and other amazing games from the ’80s and ’90s, full of nostalgia, you’ll find them here. Most of them are DOS or Amiga games, but we also have Windows, Commodore 64, Atari ST, and other systems.

But most importantly, GamesNostalgia it’s not like other abandonware sites: they tested, configured and packed all the games with the proper emulator, so that we can run them immediately on your Windows or Mac computer. No need to install anything else, just play. Awesome!


Remain in play

This site works  differently from the rest on this list. It turns out that administrators hang commercial games but were deliberately released for free. You’ll find titles for DOS, as well as for Windows, Macintosh and even Amiga.That’s why you’ll need to check the game’ OS before download. You can find the games using the search engine, or choosing a genre, in alphabetical order, date of publication and even platform for which it was published. You will see in the left sidebar a top 10 games of the most popular downloads.

This site contains some games source code  and some links are dead, the site seems to be unmaintained , This means too many external links wont work. So you may search by data type = binary executable and OS= DOS In the advanced search here:  http://www.remaininplay.com/gamesearch.php




It`s an index of abandonware. The design is not beauty but you could search and download games. It has a lot of ads .




Vetusware is an archive of software – not only games- for msdos. You will find OSs , Software for System , Office , Communications , Utility , Multimedia and more.