7 New System Sounds Themes for your Desktop

You know, just a few distros have nice system sounds or a decent Sound scheme at least. So if you don’t like your current default sound scheme you’ll need to download and install customized sounds or mostly add sounds because the desktop hasn’t any.

For Linux Mint KDE 18.2 we have Plasma 5.8.7 and I’m going to setup new system sounds.

Download new system sounds

There are nice sounds for your system like “Dream” sounds theme. This is a musical sound theme published and updated since 2008 and the most rated.

Download “Dream” Sound theme.

Borealis Sound theme: It’s a modern and nice sound theme. It has different options for login/logout and other events’ sounds. 26 .wav files. I heard it in a distro , Ultimate Edition I think.

Download “Borialis” Sound Theme

Female Computer Voice : It will give a futuristic look to your computer. A nice female-computer voice will alert your when an event ocurrs.

Download “Female Computer Voice” Sound Scheme

Mac Sound Theme is a port of Mac OS X sounds. If you’d like to emulate a Mac, you can use these sounds.

Download Mac OS Sound theme


Feather Sound them: It’s a nice sound theme, sounds are mostly short , seems like the composer used a midi sinthetizer when he created them.

Download “Feather” Sound Theme

Fresh and Clean : It’s a simply theme .

Download “Fresh and Clean” Sound Theme

Twinkles:  A nice piano-like sound theme.

Download “Twinkles” Sound Theme


Setting up KDE sounds

Go to System Settings / Notifications

Event Source / (Scroll your mouse down)  Plasma Workspace

Check Play a sound check-box and search for your sounds’ folder.

This is it :)!

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