Skilltree Saga – Review

Skilltree Saga is a Turn-based RPG. It works perfectly on Linux but it’s very different to other RPGs games I played before. There are four races to select, you may select a Human, an Elf or a Dwarf. During the gameplay you are able only to fight in 1-1 combats with monsters. No explorations nor missions.You should fight every round until reach the boss. In the first place “the wood area” there are 30 fights , the last one is the boss.

There is a tutorial but it’s not  clear, I realize how the game should be played after some time of trial-and-fail playing.

In every round, you’ll  be placed in a fight , but before you start the next fight you’ll need to setup your skills for the enemy-class you’ll be facing in the next round becase every enemy has weaknesses and skills too. You’ll be gaining experience, level, skills, coins, diamonds and armor (it’s a RPG game , isn’t it?). To buy armor you should use coins and to buy Life/Astral (manna) points you’ll need diamonds.

The game play and the strategy seems to be based on get enough Life and Astral Points (something similar to manna) to reach the Big Boss in the last level. You should fight every combat without retreat. If you retreat because you don’t have sufficient life/Manna , you should start again form the round 1, and the first location has 30 rounds!

So be sure that you have enough Life flasks and Astral Points flasks, and a goblin insurance certificate (if you have it when you die you won’t loose anything).

Game is repetitive, so if you memorize monster’s weaknesses you’ll be the winner.

The music, sounds and 3D graphics are pretty good but I found it difficult to manage  the inventory and the sells , it’s not intuitive.

Setup your skills before a round . The skills’ UI is not intuitive.

If you retreated in a fight because you don’t have enough life you’ll be placed in this page, this is the “city” where you are returned. Your Health/AP are refreshed. You are able to Buy/Sell, Review your skills and when you are ready back to the fight!


It’s an addictive Turn-based RPG game, with decent 3d graphics, music and sounds.


I found it difficult to manage the inventory/sales and skills,  is hard to compare items in the store with your intems in your inventory. This aspect is not polished nor the save game system is clear.

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