Solus 3 Released

The Solus team have released a new version of Solus. A rolling release GNU/Linux distribution, built from scratch and pretty original, it has received good critics between linux users.

  • Solus is an operating system that is designed for home computing.

Solus is packaged in several editions (MATE, GNOME, Budgie), but the star version is Budgie desktop (10.4), which reinvents the whole theme of notifications and elements disposition (calendar, system preferences, launch Applications, multimedia controls, panel settings, etc.).

The 3.0 version just released, has a lot of new customizations. There are some changes in the artwork with the arrival of the theme Adapta GTK and Papirus icons. We also see that the main panel descends to the bottom of the desktop, vertical panels can be customized and new animations are included to maximize the applications. In addition the Budgie menu now includes categories.

  • Solus ships with a brand new release of the Budgie 10.x series, Budgie 10.4, as well as introducing new branding defaults, adopting the stunning Adapta GTK Theme and Papirus Icon Theme, as well as complementing those design changes by adopting the Noto Sans font. They moved the primary panel from the top of the display to the bottom and tweaked panel widget spacing to make Budgie feel more spacious.

It has an interesting applet, it is Night Light that allows us to adjust the color temperature of the screen if we work at night (in the style of RedShift). We also see a new dock mode that can be enabled in the panels.

If you look at the applications we find Firefox 55.0.1, LibreOffice, Rhythmbox 3.4.1 and Thunderbird 52.2.1. The core of Linux is 4.12.7 and inside the system we find ffmpeg 3.3, new bluetooth drivers, better support for printers and a recent version of MESA graphical libraries 17.1.6.

  • This release features out-of-the-box support for snaps, universal software packages for Linux. Support for snaps relieves pressure from software vendors to target a specific platform by sharing a unified target across all Linux distributions. For our users, they gain access to a wide variety of software that may not meet our package inclusion criteria, such as server software, as well as enabling an improved distribution method for Third Party software.

Support is now possible thanks to the work done in collaboration with Canonical and Ubuntu. They have the security suite AppArmor, snaps are “boxed” to avoid breaking parts of the system that do not correspond to them. Solus is after Ubuntu the first distro that includes this combination by default.

In the launch announcement you have more information on this release of Solus (in particular its editions MATE and GNOME 3.24). Also the download links in exclusive 64-bit versions.

All the information related to this release here.