Tor browser – Linux Mint installation

The Tor browser is an open, open source designed to protect your privacy while browsing the web.Tor is an independent and multi-platform web browser, based on Firefox and updated in its seventh version, more stable and with more improvements in the security and privacy aspects of the user.

Tor is based on an objective, which is the creation of a communications network in which the identity and data of the users is protected, which does not reveal its identity, ie its IP address and which furthermore maintains the integrity and the secret of the information that travels through it.

Downloading the package

We can download the package fromthe following page for 64bits or 32bits :



After download the packages , uncompress it and find the Tor Browser icon inside the folder as you can see below:

After configure the Tor settings ( I answered now in 2 questions related to the proxy) , the browser starts successfully:

Some useful tips while browsing with Tor here: