Ubuntu 17.10 will have a new dock


Ubuntu 17.10 will bring by default Gnome Shell as main desktop. This change has received many commentaries, since the vertical panel of Unity will disappear finally from the distribution of Ubuntu. This is a problem for many Unity’s users who have become accustomed to working with this panel as if it were an alternative dock.

It has been rumored that Gnome extensions like Dash to Dock or Dash to Panel extensions that would allow us to customize the desktop and give the Unity-like shape to the new Ubuntu 17.10.

These extensions are fine and are a complete solution but won’t be the solution that the Ubuntu team will use. The ubuntu team commented that, Ubuntu 17.10 will have a new dock, but it will not be an extension or an official application like Plank, but will be a normal panel of Gnome Shell used as a dock, in this case a vertical dock.

Ubuntu 17.10 will have a panel that will work as dock of the Gnome desktop

But we do not know what aspect will finally have or what will happen with the dash, doubts that still maintain the Ubuntu community. However, the positive news is the confirmation of the dock, an accessory that more and more users use and consider as an important tool to have in their operating system.

In any case, whether or not we have a dock that we like, we always have the option to install it ourselves. Ubuntu 17.10 will be compatible with the most famous and popular docks like Plank or Cairo dock. We also have the option to use official extensions like Dash to Dock or Dash to Panel, extensions that are compatible with the Gnome version of Ubuntu 17.10 and we can use.

Finally there is the possibility of changing desktops. Something totally compatible and possibly the option that many users end up using. For this we have the possibility to use the official flavor with the new desktop or directly use the desktop. In any case, Ubuntu 17.10 and Gnome is a fact.