WallpaperDownloader 2.8

Wallpaper downloader is a graphical application that allows you to download, manage and automate the change of your desktop’s wallpapers in an easy way. It is an open source project, based on Java, made for Linux and also works in Microsoft Windows and OSX.

Just define a series of search terms, activate and configure the desired providers to begin the automatic wallpaper downloading process. It also allows a more advanced configuration :

Selecting the time interval between one download and another.
Maximum space allocated to downloaded wallpapers (once the cap is reached, the application will randomly erase wallpapers not tagged as favorites to proceed to download more images).
Select a directory to move your favorite wallpapers. This option is very interesting if you have a cloud storage system like Dropbox where you wanna dump all downloaded images.

Each downloaded wallpaper can be tagged as a favorite (and thus avoid being deleted ), set it to become the current wallpaper of the system or delete foreve
r. Those wallpapers explicitly deleted from the system by the user will become part of a blacklist to prevent them from being downloaded again.

Install Wallaper Download

Type the following commands in your terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:eloy-garcia-pca/wallpaperdownloader
sudo apt update
sudo apt install wallpaperdownloader

Just setup parameters and the application will work by its own . Thats my current desktop:



Do you like this application? Do you change your wallpaper very often?