Install WPS Office in Linux Mint

There are  several alternatives for Microsoft Office for Linux, among the most famous are LibreOffice, OpenOffice or Calligra Suite. There are several suites, some suites are good some suites not so good. But many users who come from Windows or those who still like the Microsoft Office ribbon interface they are still not convinced with these alternatives.

If we need to work with an office suite every day, you may find some limitations on libreoffice and other suites. Sometimes libreoffice crashes while you are working loosing your documents.

Well, there is a suite that is available for Linux and that can satisfy your wishes for graphical interface with a Ribbon style, and that is called WPS Office. There are many similarities between the look of Microsoft Office and the WPS Office suite. So if the reason for not using a GNU/Linux office suite is the graphical style, WPS could convince you to use their office suite.

In this office suite you will find both a text document editor like Microsoft Word, which in this case is called WPS Office Writer. You can also use a spreadsheet similar to Microsoft Excel called WPS Office Spreadsheet, as well as presentations called  WPS Office Presentation to replace Microsoft PowerPoint.

By the way, it’s also available for Android (and other platforms) if you want to try it on your smartphone or tablet. And if you want to start already to try it from your favorite distribution, go to its official website and download it. It has support for MS Office formats and is available in several languages, including Spanish. The only thing you should know, is that despite being free, the Chinese developer Kingsoft Office that is behind, has a proprietary license on it, so it is not free.

The Chinese company announced the inclusion of many new features included in the WPS Office in the latest version, the following can be highlighted:
  • File sharing on remote.
  • Search functionality included in word processor, spreadsheet application and presentation application.
  • Optimization of the input / output to accelerate the access to the files.
  • The display of the effects of controls and sources has been updated.
  • WPS export has been updated to PDF hyperlinks.
  • Preview effects of updated thumbnails in the presentation application.

Installing WPS Office

The first step is to download the software. You can use the following links:

Download 32-bit version

Download 64-bit version

The download links are the current version (September 2017). You can download the software directly from the WPS office website.

Once the package is downloaded the installation is pretty simple. Just go to the location where you downloaded the package and install with a right click. As you can see in the screen-shot, in my case I install the package using gdebi.

Once the package is installed we can start to configure the office suite.

Install Additional WPS Office Fonts

At the time of opening the program it is more than possible that they get the following error:

Some formula symbols might not be shown correctly due to missing fonts: Wingdings, Wingdings 2, Wingdings 3

The reason for this error is that there are missing fonts in the operating system. To install the missing fonts download the following file.

Once downloaded the file you have to decompress its content in the ~ / .fonts location. To do this from the location where we downloaded the file we execute the following command in the terminal:

unzip -d ~ / .fonts

Then reload the list of sources by executing the following command in the terminal:

sudo fc-cache -f -v

The installation process for the fonts is now completed. The next time you start WPS Office, you will no longer see the error that appears.
Note: Installed fonts will only be available to the current user. If we want them to be available to all users we will have to install the fonts that we download in the location / usr / share / fonts

Install the dictionaries in WPS Office

Download the dictionaries from the following url:

To install the dictionary we will unzip the contents of the file that we have downloaded to the location ~ /.kingsoft/office6/dicts/  . To do this from the location where we downloaded the dictionary we execute the following command in the terminal:

unzip -d ~/.kingsoft/office6/dicts/

 creating: /home/user/.kingsoft/office6/dicts/en_US/
 inflating: /home/user/.kingsoft/office6/dicts/en_US/Changelog_en_US.txt 
 inflating: /home/user/.kingsoft/office6/dicts/en_US/README_en_US.txt 
 inflating: /home/user/.kingsoft/office6/dicts/en_US/dict.conf 
 inflating: /home/user/.kingsoft/office6/dicts/en_US/main.aff 
 inflating: /home/user/.kingsoft/office6/dicts/en_US/main.dic

Open WPS Office -> Go to the Review tab, click the Spell Check button and when the sub-menu appears click on Set Language.

Then the window where we have to select the language of the spell checker will appear. And click Set default.

Select the dictionary that you want to use in WPS Office. After completing these steps we will have spell checker ready .


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