Xmind – Mind mapping



We have several Mind Mapping solutions in the GNU universe like free mind or free plane. But if you are looking for a commercial support for your business you can think about Xmind . It’s translated to 9 major languages.

It has a dual license but the Pro version is Proprietary. You can use the Free version or pay $79 for the Plus version or 99 for Pro version.


  • After you download the .zip file , uncompress it.
  • Open a terminal in the same folder xmind-8-update2-linux/ and run the following command
  • sudo ./setup


  • XMind has a friendly UI
    also offers Org-chart, Tree-chart, Logic-chart,
    Fishbone chart, Matrix analysis. Timeline and Org Chart.
  • Brainsotrming mode.
  • Presentation Mode : transform your mind map in a power-point like pŕesentation.
  • Gantt view for project management
  • Modern Clip arts and 60k icons. New Templates
  • Work with PDF/Office documents and save to Evernote.
  • Themes and fonts.
  • Xmind cloud to sync files across multiple pcs.
  • Social Sharing. And a  lot more…


Xmind has a lot of professional features , themes, clip arts and icons and a clean UI better than other GNU software.

If you wanna use the Plus or Pro you shoud pay $79 or more. Some people report bugs in the Linux installation.

https://www.xmind.net/xmind/downloads/xmind-8-update2-linux.zip  115Mb

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